I think it's summer!

Wow what a day, utterly fabulously sunny and very very hot, the rain is currently bouncing off the ground but until an hour ago it was a proper summers day. I had pots sitting happily in the sun all day drying out and they are now stacked in the kiln getting even hotter.

I love it when pots are just at the perfect stage to to turn them, when they are like that it is a joy of a job and I could happily just turn clay away all day as it feels so good. Thankfully I didn’t do that with this one as it was already decorated on the inside so it would have been a waste.

I had two big bowls that needed turning and then decorating on the outside, these are they. I threw a half a dozen plates and 3 fat jug bodies too. Planning to work tomorrow and get the necks thrown on the jugs and maybe decorate the plates. Paul is going away up to Fort William this weekend to race in the Scottish Cross Country Series. Crazy boy, I like mountain biking but not like these insane idiots. On sunday I’m going to visit Potfest in the Park down in Cumbria with a couple of friends. Hope the sun is back to shining for then.
I spoke to Ron last night via Skype and Doug was with us in some shape or form, he could hear us but couldn’t talk to us and had to type his messages. Bless. It sounded like Ron was living in a box under my desk as that’s where the speakers are on the computer. Hope it’s not too cramped down there. You can now buy Ron pots online, pretty dangerous really, they are oh so tempting. Good luck with that Ron.
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  1. Ron says:

    Hannah, it looks lovely there outside your studio. I really must try to be a better gardener next year and put out some plants. Enjoyed out chat yesterday. Hope Paul makes it back in one piece.

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Ron, did you notice your postcard up on my wall?I’m a useless gardener as Hazel will attest to, she told me off for not feeding any of them yesterday! The big thing that has purple flowers is a weed that sprouts up in a crack in the concrete but it’s really pretty so I leave it. Smells and looks a bit like Catmint but it’s not as strong.

  3. Wow, those bowls are amazing. Very striking.

  4. Ron says:

    Oh yes I remember you mentioned that Helen got on to you about the plants. We have some pretty weeds too. About all we have at the moment. I did notice the postcard.:)I’ve off to the film festival.

  5. doug fitch says:

    Those bowls are amazing. How do you get the slip on the outside? I remember having a discussion with Margaret about just that.The thing about the countryside is that the weeds ARE the flowers and that the flowers we plant are really the weeds – try telling Hazel that!Great speaking/typing to you the other night, just bought the equipment to do it properly – £10 from Tesco, can’t be bad

  6. ajsimmons says:

    Thats a very posh hat stand there Hannah! Lots of lovely new things….need to come and visit soon A x

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