I prefer them dressed

I’m much happier with these tall odd jugs now that they have handles and slip. The black one I much prefer, the white one was a bit disjointed as the phone range when I’d gotten just started and I should have let the answer phone get it but I didn’t and then it took quite a while so it was all not quite right when I got back. Never mind it gives me the inspiration to do some more.

I feel like haven’t decorated anything in ages. This leaf is on a jar.

Shhhh, you have to be quiet else you’ll scare the shed building elf that is working away hard building my kiln shed thing. He’s been hard at it all day bless him. This is a different breed to the clay stacking elf that visited last week but just as useful. Amanda is after a glass cutting elf and I have said I will keep my eyes open for one and give him a map to her place once I find him.

Sunday saw a most fabulous day. sunshine all day and we were up in the Galloway hills walking with the Spring Fling committee. Fabulous, Andy P was a brilliant guide and we had a great time with almost all of us falling in either a river or in my case a blooming deep bog at one point or another. We came home shattered, sunned and soggy but very very happy.

Above is Loch Enoch which has, though you’ll have to believe me as you can’t see it in the picture, a loch within a loch as there is a smaller loch on the island in the middle of the main loch. How cool is that.

It was one of our groups birthday on sunday and Natalie had made a birthday cake complete with candles which she carried up and surprised Rebecca with on the top of the Buchan and Rhiannon pulled a bottle of bubbly out of her rucksack. What decadence!

I’ve been all over the place for the last week or so. Head has gone to pudding. Hopefully it’ll be much clearer by the weekend. I’m away over to Jason’s tomorrow to help him fire his kiln. Back soon.
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6 Responses to I prefer them dressed

  1. paul jessop says:

    I agree some things look better with their clothes on.fantastic views.

  2. ajsimmons says:

    ….I hope your elf can get that out of the shed!! A x

  3. jimgottuso says:

    beautiful jugs… i love that moist slip look

  4. I think they look better dressed too. In fact they look great. That walk looked so wonderful, what a treat. I hope you didn’t leave that poor elf behind slaving away, or he might need a sock soon.

  5. Amy says:

    wow… those jugs are big! glad there are elves nearby.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The large jugs – do they come in semi-detached & detached forms. I would like to move into one as a second home. Perhaps claim an allowance as per MPs!!!!

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