I love trees.

These are all photos from the weekend, yes that blue sky is in Scotland!

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  1. jimgottuso says:

    hannah… i love trees too. i’m envious of the horse chestnut. here in kentucky there are loads of red and yellow buckeye (that’s what they call them here) chestnuts and have spotted a few horse chestnuts in the city but they are not as plentiful. I always thought the leaves were more luxurious on the horse chestnut. I have an asian chestnut in the backyard and a miniature “bottle brush” buckeye in the front but neither compares to the horse. love the pics

  2. tsbroome says:

    I know what you mean, I was at the arboretum here in Chapel Hill over the weekend and just walked around the place looking up the whole time. They have some amazing varieties there, many from China. Just lovely! Our dogwood trees are blooming in the woods now and are soooo wonderful.

  3. Nicola says:

    Hey Hannah,Loving the pics, its so nice now the sunshine is back 🙂 I had a girl in the shop today who didnt believe we get bad weather in Scotland because every time she comes on holiday its lovely hahaha she's so wrong.Anyway just thought id pop by & let you know ive sorted a new blog for the Argyll Pottery website, at last. Ive put the first post up tonight & hope now to get the hang of it then more will follow.Hope all is well, Nicola x

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