I live in a lovely place.

Slip slop time. Don’t look at the dodgy looking 1 that looks like a 2 on the left hand jug though. Oops.

I’ve been out and about today driving around the area. It was a stunningly beautiful day. I drove through a snow storm up on the moors and the hills are thick with it. Blue skies and crispy air though.

I haven’t given you any of my fabulous landscape for a while. This is all north of me here, it gets much more rugged very quickly up that way.

I used to drive over these moors everyday from my mum and dad’s house to where I did my apprenticeship. There were a few hairy icy journeys and a few in the dark where you happen upon those big black woolly cows in the first picture and they are nigh on invisibly until you are right upon them. They roam about over the moor and road.

Tumble down stone dykes and lichen covered trees.

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7 Responses to I live in a lovely place.

  1. kateuk says:

    Cor! Landscapes AND pots.

  2. It's a cold and foggy day here. After this day and reading your post I feel all dreamy…… cup a tea time!

  3. Dennis Allen says:

    Thank you for the pictures.

  4. Wow! You do live in a lovely place.

  5. It draws me in…thanks!

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