I Give You The Baluster Jug


Baluster Jug. 1300 – 1400 AD. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Baluster Jug. 1270 – 1340 AD. British Museum

Brill BalusterBrill/Boarstall ware, Buckinghamshire. Early – mid 13th century AD. Ashmolean Museum

Clive Bowen. Baluster Jugs.

Douglas FitchDoug Fitch Slipware Baluster Jug. Image by Jonathan Thompson

Hannah McAndrew balusterSlip Trail Wood Fired Baluster Jugs. Hannah McAndrew. 2012. Image by Colin J.Tennant.

Nic CollinsNic Collins. 56cm high. Goldmark Gallery

Taz PollardTaz Pollard. Baluster Jug

Walter KeelerWalter Keeler Baluster Jug. 1998

Westerwald Rhenish JugWesterwald Rhenish Jug. 17th C. Antique Associates

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1 Response to I Give You The Baluster Jug

  1. Peter says:

    Nice to see baluster jugs and their close relatives all on one page. It is a grand and lovely form and I can imagine some of them at about 3 or 4 feet high, they have such a strong sculptural presence to them. Delighted to see the wonderful successes that you are having, it is great that your hard work and determination is bringing you recognition. Best Wishes, P

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