I don’t know if you knew but…

I don’t know if you knew but Douglas Fitch and I are getting married next week. I know, it’s been a kind of quiet thing really, not many people have heard!


We have been making some collaborative jugs for holding flowers in the church. We had one that we made together a few years ago and of course now that is very special to us and we thought we would use that one in the church along with some more recent pieces too. What better way to express a potters’ love? The one above is one that I made and that Doug has sgraffito decorated. It is 23cm high. It is shown finished in a photo below.

11053503_10155448254530156_6249931891144693363_oThis is a larger pot that Doug made and that I slip trailed. It has feathered slip leaves and two love birds with the names and dates at the back.

11100874_10155448041035156_1379477147215255956_oThis one is one that I made a while ago and that Doug has eventually decorated, if you want to know the whole story behind that particular one then read here. You might need a packet of tissues though so be warned!

The original collaborative piece and this piece with the potters’ love poem are going to be treasured by us and will stay with us after the wedding.

Commemorative JugWe have decided however to offer two of them, this sgraffito piece with the love birds and the large slip trailed love bird and leaves jug, for sale in a three day auction, to raise funds for our honeymoon.

Every pot we make, we endeavor to make better than the last, but these pieces are particularly special and demonstrate the best of our combined skills. They are made with a lot of love.

If it is something that tickles your fancy do have a look at the photos in the listings on ebay. I am sure there will be plenty photos of the pots in situ in the church for the service too.


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7 Responses to I don’t know if you knew but…

  1. alan cowderoy says:

    Hi Hannah

    Just a heads up – trying to view the second of your ebay links gives me a message that the item cannot be viewed (“Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries.”) I’m in France.
    Strangely the first link has no such problem.
    Just thought you might like to know. Not sure if there is anything you can do about it.
    Hope the auction goes well and you have a great honeymoon!!

    Alan Cowderoy

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Alan,
      Thanks for that. I have no idea why that might be but thanks for letting us know. We will have a look at the settings. Blooming computers!
      By the way hope you enjoyed the new year film festival.

  2. gz says:

    Lovely..good to see the firing went well

  3. Franca Bruno says:

    Congratulations Hannah!

  4. smartcat says:

    Sweet coincidence! I was watching Antiques Roadshow (British Version) and there was an old slipware jug with a little poem on it. I think it was called a wedding jug. (not too clear about that as there was other stuff was happening) At any rate I thought of you and Doug. There’s a lovely shimmer of history in your own wedding jugs.
    Congratulations and happiness to a happy couple!

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  6. Marian Mason says:

    I found you on Google images whilst looking up old English slipware as I’m endeavouring to create some of my own. I love that na├»ve style as in Thomas Toft’s mermaid charger. My latest efforts are now in the kiln amongst which are two chargers, one with terracotta slip on white clay and the other vice-versa. One slip I’ve coloured with an amber stain and other with a yellow/orange one. I’ve got a honey powdered glaze which I’m thinking of using. Do you think I’ll get that lovely honey colour such as on your beautiful love-birds jug. I think it is truly beautiful.

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