Humungous Thank You’s!

Well that is Spring Fling 2012 over and done with, the build up to it started in about erm, June 2011, for the Spring Fling committee at least. This blog is to say a huge thank you to them, and to the incredible Leah Black who has become the project manager for the event this year and who has picked up the baton and run with it ably assisted by Tonia. The hours and hours put in by each of them, and voluntarily by the committee of course is what helps bring this event together and without them it just wouldn’t happen.
Spring Fling is in it’s 10th year! I have taken part in it each year so far, the first year of Spring Fling was the first year of my business, (mine will be ten in February 2013). Each year has seen the event go from strength to strength and now it packs one hell of a punch in the open studios world. 
This year I have enjoyed the event more than ever before though I don’t think I’ll be the only one saying that the four days has been just too much. I had very little left to give yesterday, utterly exhausted and worn out and plain old shattered. I have loved showing visitors my new work this year as I am so very excited about my wood kiln and the change that that is going to have in what I do. One particular visitor was so very excited by the kiln and the wood and the pots that it produced, he was a joy to speak to and he went on his merry way to visit Andy Priestman to find out more about wood firing. My visitors were many and varied, lots of returning customers who it’s always lovely to see and some people who are new to my work and a very surprise visit from blogger GZ who I have never met in the flesh before, wonderful to meet her finally and a lovely surprise indeed.

Part of this year’s event was ‘Couch’ by Alice Francis. Honestly the smiles on people’s faces as they talked about it was wonderful. Alice created a fitted cover for this lovely Galloway cottage out of upholstery fabric and fitted it! It’s just so ridiculously bizarre and wonderful. I popped down the road to see it on saturday evening and even then there were a dozen cars parked outside it with people walking in the garden and laughing and talking about it. Fabulous!
So once again a huge thank you to all concerned, it’s been fab. I’m off for another long sleep now to recover.

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4 Responses to Humungous Thank You’s!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How far you've come in nearly ten years, you've achieved so much you should be so proud of yourself. But never forget how you got there!!!

  2. Well said Hannnah – great blog and all true.Bit disappointed you didn't mention the Chinese Meal though!!Lovephilxx

  3. Hannah says:

    Thank you all. Yes Phil sorry about the Chinese, it was good and entertaining though I must say. Hi anonymous, yes a long way, not sure entirely what you mean by how I got here, wherever here is, but I'll try not to.

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