Humbug Jugs

A slip trailing day today, here’s a couple of freshly slipped beasts for your enjoyment. I know I post pictures of fresh slip time and again but nothing beats it.

There is so very much going on at the moment and a few decisions to be made that I will be trying to sort out over the next week or so. I have to get the last few pots for Ceramics in the City glazed and into the kiln tomorrow then I can pack them all up over the weekend for their trip to London.

I sent two boxes of pots up to Just Art in Fochabers yesterday and for the first time ever with my couriers, only one has arrived. I shall be chasing that up tomorrow straight away, fingers crossed.
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5 Responses to Humbug Jugs

  1. Yum Yum Yum! They look like white chocolate sculptures with milk chocolate decoration!! A candy maker should have a go at that!

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    It must be in the phase of the moon. someone sent me some stuff in the post which has not arrived either. somewhere in the world someone who ordered a pair of shoes and a jumper, is sat with a box of pots and some bunting!!!!

  3. Nu Kua says:

    keep those pics of slipped pots coming! hmm, delicious! and beautiful!

  4. ang says:

    oh drama rama hope you get it sorted… amazingly my box arrived at pauls post hast!!! hey H hows the kiln going??? and mystery notes you do keep us hanging!! :))

  5. I REALLY love the slipwork! You are right – it looks SO nice when wet!

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