Hugely happy Hannah

Yippee!! I have unpacked a glaze firing this afternoon and I am a very very happy girl. It’s lovely, did exactly what it should, my glaze is lovely and rich without popping off the pots and all is good with the world. Northern Kilns are just fabulous, Adrian from the company was the gentleman that came out to see what could be done about the lack of power that it is now getting. He spent hours working on it. I’m really thrilled and so relieved that things seem to be good again. Thank you Northern Kilns!
I rather rashly put two huge plates in there that are the last of an order of six that I started before Christmas and they have come out really well even if I do say so myself. Suddenly all these fairs that are booked seem achievable. Big sigh of relief.

This little group of pots are going to the Stirling Smith Gallery in Stirling for a Scottish Potters Association exhibition which opens next week. I’m off to a committee meeting of the Scottish Potters this weekend it’s up near Edinburgh so myself and Paul are going up to camp in Peebles and possibly go cycling, well Paul definitely will while I am at the meeting. Peebles is where I met Paul, in the very romantic setting of a car park at Glentress where we were out mountain biking. Awhhh.

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2 Responses to Hugely happy Hannah

  1. Ron says:

    It all looks fab Hannah. Glad the kiln is all worked out and you are feeling better about upcoming events. Have a good weekend.

  2. ang says:

    yey!! hip hip and all that, excellent news about your kiln, happy camping.

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