How to make a girl smile…

easy, give her a bunch of pretty wild flowers. Well this one anyone doesn’t take much pleasing. I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times I’ve been given flowers, once a rose in Italy when the teacher felt so sorry for me because all the other girls had been given roses by the random Italians hanging round the Tivoli fountain and I hadn’t. Hmm yes I know he meant well but it really didn’t make me feel any better. The others moving in this cottage or into my first workshop. Anyway these made me smile this morning, I’m not into big bouquets (thankfully!) but these little lovelies did the trick and are great sat in my fab Jon jug.

I’ve been trying to quietly make pots the last week or so. Lots of other stuff going on too but I’m desperately trying to get my head back into working mode and I’ve been devouring this book of Doug’s to help. It’s a treat, I love it.

As a result little fat balusters, just 2lb, you need a lot of them to fill a kiln but they’re quite sweet. The sort of look how I feel at the moment, small and quiet. Not that small and quiet are necessarily a bad thing, probably essential to recovering and regrouping for the next adventure.

Here they are slipped and decorated though, quite sweet I think. I had a good day today, probably the most productive day I’ve had since I got back really. AND the sun has been shining so things even got dried out too. Whooohooo!

Hmmm, slightly odd plate.

Coming up this weekend is the opening of an exhibition at The Imagine Gallery in Long Melford in Suffolk. It is a show all about The Rime of The Ancient Mariner and there’s lots of blogger potters involved, Christine, Margaret, Doug and me that I know of but there may well be more. I’ve made a sgraffito harvest jug for the show and a couple or three tiny wee ones to go along with it. The picture above is the neck of the big one, a string of albatross beaks around it.

The boat of course and an albatross to one side but out of the picture.

Tiny jugs.

A couple more slipped pots for you. This jar has the first use of my Guy Wolfe roulette on it. I’m looking forward to playing more with those great gifts from him.

Big pie dishes.
One week to go to Spring Fling. Are you coming? You should be. Visit the website to check the details. to find out where we all are and what we are all doing. Hope to see you there.
Tasha a jeweller in Penpont in the north of our county wrote a lovely blog post about me today, have a look here. Thank you Tasha.

Hmmm, nice tree, I like him rather a lot.

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8 Responses to How to make a girl smile…

  1. I have a feeling you'll be getting lots more flowers after this post :0)

  2. Ron says:

    Love seeing the newly made pots H. Great you're getting some work done. Keep it up, it all looks SUPER DUPER.Nothing like some pretty flowers to brighten your day. Have a good weekend.

  3. Anna says:

    Yes looks like you have found your groove again. Beautiful! Love the belly of the ship holding the belly of the jug, and the full sails too!

  4. gz says:

    That Really Odd Plate has something striking, a feeling of vibrancy and future pots

  5. Nice to see you back making pots, H. The Imagine show should be good; I've seen some of the Geering pots and I'm sure they'll all be just as good.

  6. Becky says:

    Love the really Odd Plate. And that string of albatross beaks makes me crazy. ^^ Beautiful work!

  7. As stunning as I knew bit would be.Lovely work as always Hannah.

  8. Byzantine says:

    Lovely work Hannah, can't wait to see what you have at 'Spring Fling'!! Glad you liked my post too!!!

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