How scary!?!

That is the filter on my dust mask, I took it apart to have a look as I was changing it. Makes you think doesn’t it.

Alan brought me a bucket full of a lovely present yesterday. He was amused by how easily pleased I am. A bucket of clay and she’s happy as Larry (whoever Larry is but I hear he’s a happy chappy). He pulled this out of a field on their farm for me, he tells me there’s loads but I can’t have any more until after the barley has been cut as it’s too heavy to carry from the corner where it is. Anyway this is enough to keep me entertained for the time being.

New crazy bird plate. I like him a lot.

I’ve been throwing slip around like there’s no tomorrow, and the sun is shining finally so things are drying out at a sensible rate, I know that if it gets any warmer I’ll be complaining straight away that things are drying too fast next.

Things are moving on a pace with the work I am doing with Phil McMenemy for our exhibition in August. It is going to be called “Still Movement” and will be at Gracefield Arts Centre. You’ll get proper pictures once it’s up and open but for the time being some more tasters of it.

These dishes are for it…

This is Phil working on it…

A few more pictures of slippy sloppy slip to help you through the day.

These are hopefully for Earth and Fire. Fingers crossed.

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4 Responses to How scary!?!

  1. VERY!Love the bird- is he carrying his food with him?Fish maybe?Lovely.And there is a rabbit down below that is pretty spectacular as well.And how did it get to mid June?!

  2. gz says:

    I like the way that the bird's feet go on the plate's rim. Gives more movement ans connection, somehow

  3. Lori Buff says:

    Thank you for using the mask so you can continue to bring us beautiful pots for years to come.

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Meredith, not my rabbit in the last post and it's a hare but it's a Paul Young piece, sorry mustn't have labelled it very well.June! crikey no idea where that came frorm.Thanks GZ and Lori.h

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