How many dots are too many?

This is the centre of a 16″ charger, I started counting the white slip trailed dots as I was going around the edge of the tree but when I got to 1352. What do you think drawing so many dots says about a person?

‘One generation plants a tree and another gets the shade’.

A couple more baluster jugs. I have enjoyed decorating these though this shape is so much more of a challenge than a fat bellied pot.

It’s been a stunningly beautiful day today, proper warmth in the air and the birds have been singing their hearts out. Maybe that’s why there are so many birdies being drawn here at the moment.

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4 Responses to How many dots are too many?

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    How many is too many? One more. How many is not enough? One less.

  2. Tracey says:

    What does it say about a person that can keep count of dots up to 1352!?

  3. Alex says:

    baluster jug decoration is looking good, keep at it.

  4. You seem to have an eye for just the right amount of dots! They look amazing!!!

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