How Long is Too Long?


How long is too long to decorate a mug? I say this sort of without really needing an answer because in my mind they’re finished when they are finished and of course the price of the finished object should reflect this. Last week I made those 50 mugs and this week I have started on the slipping of said mugs. It’s taking me a while, I am 22 into it I think so there’s a good many left to do. Some were quick quick and some were slightly less so. Fun though, I am enjoying it, tomorrow I’ll start on the black slip ones.

Biscuit has taken to settling down with me on my knee since Paul has been away. I hope she doesn’t go off the idea once he’s back. I’ve tried to take a photo as he’ll not believe me without one, it’s blurry but sweet.


I’ve been sgraffito-ing some 2lb jugs along the way too.  I want to have 18 2lb jugs to put in the wood kiln along with the 50 mugs. They are all thrown and some are slipped. It seems from where I am standing just now like I will never be able to make enough pots to fill that kiln again. Feels like a huge task. It is a pretty big task but it’ll feel easier once I get a few racks of finished pots drying out. At the moment everything is either very wet or under plastic. Yuck I hate shelves full of plastic. Spring Fling is on it’s way, first weekend in June, if you are the proud owner of a smart phone you can now download an ‘app’ (I know that will mean something to some of you though it bypasses my brain) to find your favourite studios and plan your route so you’d best get on and do that quick smart. Are you going to come and visit? Let me know if you can.

In the mean time I have been working on a new website, it’s one of those jobs that I will avoid as long as I possibly can while it sits there stubbornly on the list looking at me and muttering under it’s breath. So finally it’s underway and almost there in fact. What it does mean though dear blog readers is that my blog will no longer be here, it will be from thence forth on my website at Don’t worry about going there now as the old site is still there. Tim, my web man will have to take the site off line for a wee while while he does the changeover so don’t be alarmed if I’m away for a few days. I think I am causing him stress by keep posting as it is, and keep changing my mind and keep adding things that I’d like, sorry Tim. It’s a lot of fiddling and working out words and what images to use etc etc but hopefully it’ll all make perfect sense to you and you’ll find everything you ever need there. (Dixie, there’s a lot of your advice used to make it, thank you.)

Till next time, nightie night.

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6 Responses to How Long is Too Long?

  1. Lori Buff says:

    I guess it depends on how much people will pay for them and how much you want to earn per hour. They are beautiful so you should have no problem getting a good price for them.

  2. Peter says:

    About 30 years ago, we visited friends at Christmas Eve. It was summer in this part of the world, so we were eating a meal outside and enjoying the evening together. They had young children and all were excited about what would happen on Christmas day. The youngest one, about 4 at the time, suddenly pointed at the sky and said he could see Santa and the reindeer, and soon his brother said could see the same! I did notice a faint vapour trail from what might have been a high flying aircraft…, but, maybe it Was Santa! Quite soon we were all at least just a bit excited, and really felt something of the Spirit of Christmas too! In my strange way, I'm getting around to saying how I fear how easy it is to lose the delight of potting and the joy of making lovely things, when we start to count or feel pressured to turn out another 200 per hour just that little bit thinner to save 3 cents worth of clay per mug… I really hate pricing, I know some people are sensible about it and work out a 5 year plan and have everything orderly. Anyway, I hope you still can see Santa, I suspect that you still can! I love the wee cat!x

  3. gz says:

    It is easy to tell when a pots starts to get overworked- although one can miss that point as you carry on….and on…..!!I'll miss your blog. I like having both, although I don't do enough with my website. They are different beasts!

  4. doug Fitch says:

    fab mugs H, loads of great stuff going on

  5. Hannah says:

    Oh yes! I still see Santa, Paul will testify that when we were in NZ I left out a drink and bit of cake for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, in our tent.GZ, don't worry the blog will be pretty much as it is now, just at a different address, that's all.Thanks DF

  6. Hannah if your web man can think of a way, I would happily go over your debautante website and see if there are any last tweaks you might want to make.Also why dont you leave your blog in blogger and just link through to it? That way you get the avantage of the blogger reach as well, I do that on the Nichols Buttons site. Maybe there is a good reason not to do that but I dont know what it is.

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