Home sweet home.

Here I am home again and it’s been wild and raining all day after I’ve been stuck inside for the last four days while it’s been gloriously sunny! Sod’s law I suppose. Well I am as always glad to be home, it was a tough few days. Obviously honey and black slip trailed functional pots were not on the want list for any of the galleries visiting the show. I felt very disheartened over the event and it’s really hard to keep up the interest and enthusiasm and the smile when you don’t feel like you are getting any response, positive or otherwise from visitors. I was pleased though to see that people were placing orders with other exhibitors which gave me hope after all the dire news that the radio and newspapers pump out daily. There was money being spent though people reported that sales were less than they would have hoped for but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. So there is hope!

I have come home without any orders as yet though whether things come on in the future you never can tell. I’d hoped I might attract a few new galleries too. What the upside of that is though that I now have more time to be making new things hopefully without having too many deadlines up close. I am going to work toward having a good body of new work to go and get photographed properly before the summer. I need some good new images of new work and get some new cards printed and the website is currently being updated with some new things but there is more that needs doing.

So tomorrow I’ll unpack all the things that I took and get them all stashed away safely, Amanda is going to bring them all over tomorrow as we travelled down together in her handy car/van. Today I was doing mainly thinking and a few phone calls and turning those plates from last week and then I threw a big bowl just because I could!
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  1. Hannah, that’s why I always grit my teeth and rehearse my smiling greeting when I’m going to do a show. It can be disheartening to smile your way through a three-day weekend with little to show for it at the end. But you’re right, at least people were buying something, even if not from you.It’s at least a sign that the summer sales won’t be completely in the dumper. Hang in there …

  2. Peter says:

    Dear Hannah, lots of sympathy to you from Kiwiland. You do lovely work and bring a great deal of joy to the many folk that know you through your pots and through your blog. I did have a look at the promotional blurb about the Harrogate show, and wondered how your work would fit in with the bright colours and gift ware looking stuff. The thing to keep hold of is that people do love your work, and you are doing something really worth while. Galleries can be plain stupid at times! Bless you lots. P.

  3. Amy says:

    well, if I was closer, I definitely would have come to visit. If it helps, the clayworks spring sale in Charlotte had fewer people too last weekend and I think sales were down. This isn’t about you; your work is gorgeous and I’m learning much from your blog. I do hope there’s a surprise that comes your way that has anything to do with pottery; things could change instantly. peace~

  4. Ron says:

    Glad your home Hannah. Sorry the show was such a downer. Keep doing what you do, because it’s wonderful stuff.

  5. paul jessop says:

    Do you remember almost a year ago I took my stuff to that Gallery and they said ” OH NO we couldn’t have that it looks like it should be in the seconds shop at John Leach’s. Well now people say to me ( you should get your work in that gallery) and I tell them what they said to me.Sometimes Gallerys totally miss the point and can’t see the wood for the trees. Move on Hannah better things await you .

  6. doug Fitch says:

    I think we’ve all been there, it just happens sometimes. The important thing is to not lose your belief, there’s a great summer ahead for you and the positives you’re talking of(the time to do some things for the sake of it) will be of much more benefit in the longer term – enjoy yourself, I look forward to the spectacular things you’ll end up making for Ceramics in the Round, hurrah.

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