Home from hols.

Holidays are great aren’t they! We had a really great week on the isle of Arran, the weather was pretty kind to us only a bit of rain, not much at all. I love Arran, fab beaches, great rocks, big mountains and at this time of year very quiet and not many midges.
Back to work today, it’s funny being back it’s been an age since I spent proper time in the workshop. I managed to throw some more big jugs and also packed up some pots to send for a photo shoot at The World of Interiors magazine, Doug was very kind and passed my name onto the lady who spoke to him. That was very sweet of him. Hopefully it’ll be good for us all.

Found this little supply of wood for my kiln while we were on a mountain bike ride mid-week. Wasn’t too sure how to sneak it back on the ferry though.

My Andy Goldsworthy copy.

We visited The Kings Caves over on the south west coast of the island, reputedly one of the caves where Robert the Bruce had his spider moment (there are many caves all over Scotland that have this claim though.) While we were there we watched a basking shark swim about near the shore hoovering up it’s lunch, very exciting! We managed to go out for a trip sailing while we were there with a friend of Paul’s who lives in Lochranza. It was a fab day out, we both loved it, got to steer it as well which was great, Ian was a great chap to meet.

Ron if you’ve got strong enough binoculars you might have been able to catch this before the tide swept it all away.
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2 Responses to Home from hols.

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah, Glad you’re back. It looks and sounds like a fantastic time away. Thanks for the sand message. That load of wood would probably last you quite a while. Those crazy anagama potters would go through it in a week.

  2. ang says:

    hi hannah missed you but sure you had a great time….holidays are great but I usually can’t wait to get my hands dirty again….

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