Blimey ‘eck and ee by gum – that is for the pleasure and amusement of Blogger Dan who said he wished you could hear my accent in my blog. Really fab to meet you Dan, if you get even a small chance to visit us oop north it would be right good to show you around.

Feels like for ever ago since I have spent any time here at home. I got back monday evening after another epic adventure starting with the weekend at Taena pottery in Gloucestershire which saw me being absolutely terrified about my demo. Apologies to anyone who saw it and struggled to work out what I was trying to say between all the muttering and stuttering and ummming and ahhhing. I hope those that did see it got something out of it, I am not exactly well practised at that sort of thing and can only dream of being able to give as passionate and energetic a demo as my good friend Mr Fitch is able to do. I watched his jug throwing exploits at Rufford this weekend and even though I’ve seen him throw a good few times it’s still wonderful to watch and listen to him even if he was trying to flash at the audience this time. Felt like a naughty school girl sat at the front with Blogger Andrew giggling away.
Big thanks to Paul Young who put me up for the few days in between Taena and Earth and Fire, very much appreciated. Would you believe we managed to while away an entire hour trying to throw tiny apples through the hole in a bird box, small things amuse small minds as they say. Still gutted at the Stoke Museum ceramics department being closed that day though.

Then Earth and Fire, you may have guessed I wasn’t feeling entirely positive about well about very much actually come the end of the week, it was all a bit of a struggle and being away from home wasn’t helping. In actual fact the show was great. I was on a stand with three other members of the Northern Potters Association, Michelle Freemantle, Carl Gray and Eric Moss, all very very different work and it took us a while to decide how to arrange the stand but I think it looked good in the end and we got some really positive comments about it. A good bunch of people they proved to be too and I enjoyed very much getting to know them even though they did manage to cause me huge embarrassment one day when I acquired a new pot – swines! I have so many new pots it’s ridiculous, even by my standards.

I was really pleased with the fact that people noticed my pots even within that huge show amongst all those amazing people and when I only had a half dozen or so pieces on show at any one time. I sold well and it was a very much needed confidence boost. Thank you to all those who bought my pots, I hope you enjoy them and get a lot of pleasure out of them.

On the way home in a round about way I called in at the brand spanking new Mickerloo Arts Centre co-run by another great friend the nutty as a nutty thing but wonderfully lovely and very talented Sally Raven who is an anagama potter. I had a minor mix up with the fact that there are two Tatton Halls and the one they know wasn’t they one that I know but now I know theirs too and a great place it is. Well worth a visit if you happen to be down Burwardsley way in Cheshire, they have workshop spaces, a lovely gallery and a great cafe.

Emma’s cakes and sandwiches I can honestly say are a proper treat. Thank you girls for your hospitality, I really enjoyed my visit. Best of luck with the new venture!

Also thanks to all my good friends who have helped, you know who you are. I think doctors should be able to prescribe sunshine, pots and good friends. It would make the world a better place.

Back to work yesterday to find all my little trees have been munched by the hungry cows out and about wandering in the farm yard here. They are now just twigs sticking out of their pots, poor mites, I remember that happening last year too to the older ones and they have survived so fingers crossed.

The weather is a bit crazy for Hannah’s, they aren’t designed for this much heat. Turning into a puddle of ghi like the tigers in the Little Black Sambo book.

To remedy this we have just been down the beach for a swim, yes Doug it was cold but oh it was lovely, and sitting on the warm pebbles afterwards with the sun drying your skin and eating your picnic dinner and looking at this, well what a life.

These pictures look just like some I took this time last year, same beach, same sort of weather and the evening that made Alan send me a little ceramic seal he’d made to remind me of summer swimming in the sea. It’s up on the shelf at the side of me now, remembering.

So here’s to summer and making pots and friends that mean the world.
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  1. Looks like a very nice show, Hannah, glad you sold well. I wish we did these kinds of shows in the States. All pots all the time would be great. And it looked like a lovely swim, too.

  2. ang says:

    and what a treat it is to listen to your trails….took me away from my miserable cold for a few mins…cheers sweet..

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I was once terrified of working in front of people, but the more you do it, the better at it you'll get. You might even enjoy it one day.I look forward to seeing you again, whichever side of the Atlantic it is! Dan Finnegan (not Elizabeth…this computer has me a little confused!)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    And thanks for the wee bit of Hannah-speak!!!Dan, again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glad you're a bit more cheerful! It was good to see you at the weekend, and nice to hear your pots sold well. Is that the same teeshirt in the top picture? Did Toff Milway give you any pots?;-)Dave

  6. Ron says:

    Glad to hear you've made it home. They should give you a full stand next year, your pots look great. Glad you sold well.

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