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I’ve been away down south for a few days with Alex and Doug, we had much pottery fun and much pottery talk and much pottery video watching. I for one really enjoyed not spending all day everyday frantically working my way through crazy long ‘to do’ lists and it was great to have some jolly pottery company for a while. I was glad to stop working on my own too.

I came home with the teeny wee jug in the picture above which Biscuit is showing the scale of for you. It’s a stunning little DF pottery birthday present, thank you!

I’ll not show you any pictures of the pots as that’s not my place to show you (and most of the photos I took are blurry and rubbish), I had a few little fat jugs in which came out nicely, one came out slightly taller than it went in being as it is now firmly attached to the kiln prop on which it was stood. Oops.

There was a bit more of the gas burner soup heating activities too and we managed to eat outside one day as well, not as pretty a table set up as the time in March though.
We spent sunday afternoon in the Burton Art Gallery which is where we fired the bottle kiln in the park a few years back. The slipware collection there is – oh so good!! It was a great treat to see that.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO1OV5B_JDw]

On a completly different note, I don’t much like this video but I really do love this song at the moment. I believe she is called Lana Del Ray. It’s beautiful.
In the next couple of days I have to get my act together and get organised to fly to America. I leave for the PMA Craft Show on monday, not long now.

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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Ohio and Philadelphia are a long way apart so I won't get to see you this time but have a great trip.

  2. Back in the states so soon?! You might have to buy a place over here! Safe travels, wish you were going to be closer! What a great show, I checked out the website, you will do great there 🙂

  3. That must be one giant cat!heheWhat a great time and I hope you good sales in the states.

  4. Paul Jessop says:

    Good luck in the USA, I love that song as well, apparently she is from New York, but she is doing a show in Manchester tonight. sounds like people are all over the place.

  5. Hope you have a good time in the States.Sounds like you had a good time in Devon. I am feeling I need to take a break from just working in my studio on my own- some sort of profesional development.Less than a fortnight now to Art in Clay at Farnham and then I must take a break.

  6. Dylanarman says:

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