Home again.

Firstly I would like to say that I have just heard the sad news that Simon Carroll has died after being very poorly. I didn’t know the man at all but I have seen him demonstrate which was quite a thing, so very unlike anything I have ever done or could ever be inventive enough to think of doing with red clay and slip. I also saw this funny funny event happen at Aberystwyth Ceramics Festival a few years ago and ever since I’ve been on the look out for a bald fella who’d be prepared to have a pot thrown on his head. Do spend the time to watch the film of the beach drawings on his web site too. His obituary is here.

My week has been a bit of a wobbly mess really. The picture above sort of illustrates what I’ve spent most of it doing so far, trying to get suppliers and banks and other folks on the phone to talk sense to me and not tell me I’m stupid for trying to order something just because they would usually sell it in 10kg bags and I was asking for half a ton. Honestly did he really think he was going to get my business after that? And the quote he gave me NOT including carriage was twice that of Valentines Clays which DID include carriage, and his was only to come from Dumfries. Me thinks he was trying to pull a fast one hoping that the silly woman on the end of the phone would fall for it. Sometimes it makes me so mad! As for the bank and the money that wandered off in between coming out of a galleries account back in August and not ever finding it’s way into my account so far well don’t get me started.

So Ceramics in The Round, well what can I say? Lovely place, lovely people, very very helpful friendly organisers, great to see Doug and to spend some time with Sabine too. Dave and Sue you two are brilliant, thank you so much for your hospitality. My sales were not quite enough for me to retire on shall we say, hell you win some you lose some. I did meet some great folk though, some blog lurkers – hi to you all and to the new commenters on the blog and I met some lovely potters of course. Above picture for Dan, in the centre is Toff Milway who is a wonderful chap, full of the most ridiculously amazingly well told and leaving you wanting more stories and tales from his years of potting.

My 6 set of plates.

My big bowl in the dome.

The dome itself.
PS Doug I think that’s the last three issues of CPA news we’ve both managed to get a name check in, new one’s just out.
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6 Responses to Home again.

  1. doug Fitch says:

    Folks will be sick of the sight of us. Hope you’re feeling perkier

  2. ang says:

    howdy H, i did see some of simons sand drawings last year online just brilliant, v sad news….got the bank sorted did ya? your big bowl profile is v cool..brilliant space..

  3. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah. Good to see your smiling face there with Toff and Doug. Good luck getting things sorted out. Hope we can catch up soon. I did like the head throwing video.

  4. jimgottuso says:

    that’s a very funny video of throwing on his head… lovely plates

  5. Linda B says:

    Hello Hannah, It’s funny, I’ve been doing exactly the same things as you ie. looking at Simon Carroll’s obituary and chasing up galleries who haven’t paid me in the last six months and reading CPA news

  6. That’s a great photo of you three, Hannah. I would say all of you are good story-tellers, from my experience. I’ve built part of one kiln with Toff, fired with him a couple of times in that same kiln and had the pleasure of his and Georgie’s hospitality in Conderton. You could do much worse than hang around Toff.

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