Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

My lovely Northumbrian Craft Pottery friends aka the Geordie Boys, have just sent a message mentioning these fliers and saying “nice fliers though noticed Hannah has her jugs on display (wonderful pair) you seem to show them at every opportunity Hannah, ROLL ON GERMANY.” Charming boys they are.
I suddenly realise that I might not have mentioned this on the blog, or have I? I can’t remember, my brain is pickled. I’m going to Germany in June, as part of an exchange with the potters market in Hohr-Grenzhausen, seven Potfest potters will be exhibiting and doing some slightly serious slightly silly demonstrating during the festival. I’m travelling with my Geordie potter friends, that’ll be a laugh! The only down side is that we leave the day after Spring Fling, how can it be that everything that happens seems to go all at once, never nicely spread out? Oh well.
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6 Responses to Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

  1. Lovely, Hannah. Seeing the world. Guard those jugs!

  2. You are busy- and yes it all rolls down hill when spring arrives.Have some laughs and yes, guard the jugs….

  3. Oh, go on and show off your jugs!

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