High heels and handbags.

Popped down to work this morning to pack a glaze kiln and then back home to make a Victoria sponge cake for my mum and dad’s birthdays, we are going over to see them this afternoon. The puzzle jug is one that Doug threw last weekend and I made a hash of decorating with a dodgy slip trailer and some very runny slip. I know I know a bad craftsman blames his tools.
I’ve just been trying to do some research for a plate I have to decorate this week. A gentleman has ordered it for his wife’s birthday and she loves high heeled shoes and handbags. So I was just searching for some pictures of said items being as I don’t have much of either in my wardrobe but got slightly more than I bargained for when typing high heels into a well known search engine.

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4 Responses to High heels and handbags.

  1. ang says:

    he he heh… maybe try shoe museum or something like, theres some really interesting old shoe styles that should inspire..

  2. Ron says:

    Haa! Well that should teach you. Of course just about anything you type in these days will turn up some fiery images.It will be neat to see what you do with this very modern request.

  3. Zoe says:

    Post a pic of your ‘high heels and handbags’ plate Hannah. Come round to the Schoolhouse if you need to look at Handbags, I have so many I can hardly get into my bedroom, I need an innovative storage solution!Z x

  4. paul jessop says:

    So – did you see the pictures of me or not ?

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