Here we snow again

Some new ovally dishes slipped this morning.

There was a small hint of possible snow in the forecast last night but I wasn’t expecting to wake up to a good 4inches of snow and it still coming down by the bucket load. My thighs are sore from cycling through it to work, it took me ages but it was great and the only fall I had was a very soft landing. At times there was a pile of snow collecting on the bottom bracket because it was that deep.

Same place as I took that evening picture the other night.

I took a deep breath this afternoon and slipped some tiles that have been ordered for behind Dave and Sue’s aga. They have been sat in clamps of wooden boards for a good couple of months now, my thinking with tiles is slow as slow as slow and hopefully they’ll warp less.

So here’s it’s progress you two. What do you think?

It’s awkward reaching to the top bits, I couldn’t pull my table out far enough to be able to walk around the whole thing so some stretching was required.

I think I might go back to it with some sgraffito details too but I haven’t decided yet.
Tomorrow I will tell you about a day out I had yesterday but until then I am shattered. Nightie night.
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10 Responses to Here we snow again

  1. Ron says:

    Those little ovals are sweet. and the tiles….wow, lucky couple!

  2. those tiles are wonderful! Slow is the way to go!

  3. ang says:

    awww sweeeet H, love the way the leafies developed…

  4. Dan Finnegan says:

    Fantastic slipwork, Hannah! I want the dish with the little birdie footprints! You might explain to your American readers what an Aga is.

  5. Anna says:

    Once again your slip work rocks! Make sure you get a picture of the tiles installed. I'd love to see!

  6. I'm with Ron.They're going to love that tilework. Nice job, Hannah.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just looked at the tiles! They are fantastic! I'm very excited now! Can't wait to get them up….dave x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just looked at the tiles! They are fantastic! I'm very excited now! Can't wait to get them up….dave x

  9. Anonymous says:

    You would have to go miles to find tiles that made you smiles

  10. Anonymous says:

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