Here I am.

Well it’s been a strange week since I last posted. I’ve been trying to finish up things before going away to Bovey Tracey and sorting out after Spring Fling and getting better. Had a bit of a not so pleasant week in some ways but I’m sorted now I think and am looking forward (I think) to going down south all the way to Doug country.

I have spent today packing up all the boxes I had in the workshop full of pots to take with me. I have to go on a box scrounge tomorrow morning so that I can finish packing up the rest. I’m being optimistic with the amount of pots I am taking. For the first time ever space isn’t an issue as we are hiring a transit van so I figure I’ll just take everything I think I might even vaguely need. Hurrah!

On saturday I had something called a day off. It was an unusual concept but I can tell you I loved it! We went cycling in the sunshine at Mabie. I loved the roots of this upturned tree and then we found a huge marble dress. You can tell by the colour of my face just how sunny it had been that day. Oops!

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