Here come the birdies.

This year has been interesting in the fact that I think the pots that I am making at the moment for orders are the first biggish batch that I have made with the Birdie design on them since before Christmas. I have been making a conscious effort to try to make new shapes and decorate them with new designs, and I have obviously been fulfilling this criteria to some extent if the first sentence of this post is true. I still enjoy my little Birdie and he still gets a lot of comments and has many admirers and I enjoy having him around, he’s like an old friend.
Just thought I’d share that with you. Off to eat birthday cake with Paul now.

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4 Responses to Here come the birdies.

  1. T. Okada says:

    Oh! Long time not to see lovely funny bird!Now I recognize the bird is he.You Hannah and he are like Snoopy and Woodstock.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If there was a prize for beak to body ratio this bird would surely win first prize.

  3. jimgottuso says:

    cute little birdies they are

  4. Love your birds, Hannah.

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