Her Royal Highness in her new Abode

My Jubilee Charger has been installed in it’s new home and is happy I think amongst a Silver Jubilee plate by I think Mr John Hudson and a Harry Juniper harvest jug.

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5 Responses to Her Royal Highness in her new Abode

  1. Daniel Finnegan says:

    Good company, indeed!

  2. Ron Philbeck says:

    Looks wonderful Hannah.

  3. They look great together. And thanks, Hannah, for the great book of your East Coast Tour with Mr. Fitch. It was gone over at length this weekend by everyone who came.

  4. karen nakakihara says:

    Very nice, Hannah.

  5. Christine Swallow says:

    Hannah, that is a truly wonderful charger and we were priviliged to have it in the gallery, even though it was for such a short time. Everyone who saw it ooo’d and aahhh’d. So nice to see it is a much loved piece and is sat amongst such wonderful company. Keep doing chargers …PLEASE!

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