Help Me Choose Please

1. Three Fat Slip Trail Wood Fired Small Jugs.

2. Two Slip Trail Wood Fired Medieval Shaped Jugs.

3. Conversation with five Slip Trail and Sgraffito Wood Fired Jugs.

4. Slip Trail Wood Fired Medieval Shaped Jug.

5. Slip Trail Wood Fired Small Baluster Jugs. (uneven line)

6. Slip Trail and Wood Fired Small Tapered Jugs.

7. Slip Trail and Wood Fired Baluster Jugs. (even line)

8. Slip Trail and Wood Fired Medieval Shaped Jug.

9. Slip Trail and Sgraffito Wood Fired Jug Trio.

It’s postcard printing time again. I use my postcards as my business card and I want to pick one image to get 1000 cards printed from. The question is, which image do I chose to represent me for the next 12months ish? Any thoughts gratefully received.

Thank you!


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21 Responses to Help Me Choose Please

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    I think #6. I just got jury results from an application and got reamed on too much shine on the pots in my pictures. These are all nice pots but 6 is the better photo. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No 6 I think! Best photo, and quite different from your other cards

  3. I’m anonymous! Can’t do anything right on this thing today!!!

  4. My vote would be for number 4,
    I think photos 2, 4 and 7 best represent your work but 6 is a good photo,
    1 is too dark, 3 is too busy, 4 needs to be repositioned, 5 is a bit too shiny,and the pots in 9 are too different from each other. Well you did ask what we thought!! It’s a difficult decision, good luck.

  5. Susan says:

    What only one.
    Moo do multiple images in cards.
    One, right here goes:
    I think it’s 6 too.
    Like the single jug 8 too, but it’s not what you do most of the time.
    So 6

  6. Meredith says:

    What can I say- I was thinking 6 too! Really I was!

  7. I like 7, 8 and 1……….. I think they represent your latest wood firing direction they’re all strong images and i’d be happy to stare at them for 12 months.. I think a new and fresh image is best and doesn’t detract from older styles people already know that work its good to inspire them with the new :))

  8. Tracey says:

    2 and 7

  9. gz says:

    I prefer 7 to 6…they have a nice “lift” to the shapes…more you?

  10. I like number 5. But as someone else pointed out you could get them all done on Moo and it’s easy to do.
    Look forward to seeing you in Wardlow Mires. It’s a beautiful part of the world. I’m thinking of it as a holiday!

  11. LindaB says:

    I like number 9 because it shows the different colours and shapes you make

  12. emma says:

    Image 2 definately, by far the most striking. Followed by 7 and 1

  13. I like all of them- so hard to choose, but since you want direct feedback these are my favorites: #2 & #7

    Your work is just stunning!

  14. suzi caswell says:

    They are all luscious but, I like #2 and #7……decided before I read Kathy’s post….honest!

  15. ron says:

    I like 7. But I most like the idea of doing the Moo cards and having different ones.

  16. scott says:

    Number 7 all the way Hannah (if you don’t go the varied route)

  17. Laura says:

    #7 – – but the reflections in the jugs are slightly distracting –

  18. J says:

    #2 (only because I own the one on the right!) 😛

  19. J says:

    Oh.. I had problems writing in ‘proper’ ink on the back of the last one 🙁 I had to use a sharpie…get card stock that isn’t ‘coated’.

  20. Tresea says:

    best pots best photos #2 & #7

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