On sunday evening after we’d packed up our work at Bovey Tracey, myself, Helen and Lizzie got a Chinese take away and took it up onto the moors to Haytor. A quick stomp up the hill and a clamber on the rocks afterwards made for a lovely evening. I used to do geology and I just love rocks and their formations and textures and patterns and chemical compositions and oh it’s nearly as exciting as clay.

I love shadows and this one made me laugh because the wind was blowing my hair so much. (Sorry but it did amuse me.)

Fabulous views from the top. I took a silly film too but need to rotate it else you’ll all get stiff necks watching it. Will do that at some point.

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3 Responses to Haytor

  1. doug fitch says:

    Dartmoor’s amazing isn’t it? I feel really priveliged to be living in Devon, it’s got a bit of everything, moorland and coast, proper job

  2. I found some Maureen Minchin pottery when we were in Montgomery a few weeks ago. I bought myself a mug which I am now using everyday. I don’t know anything about her though. John at Imagine gallery had some of her work when I was there last week-end. I should have asked him more about her. They are well made and very elaborate the mug is a pleasure to handle.

  3. Helen says:

    Still can’t quite get my head around a Chinese in a white transit van at the foot of Haytor contemplating whether there was a herd of Belted Galloways on the horizon of Dartmoor. All a bit strange but a brilliant memory and a good end to a busy few days.

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