Usually Hatfield and Potfest clash and as I do Potfest I have never seen Hatfield. However this year due to full moons and leap years and other such stuff they don’t clash, Hatfield is this weekend but it’s also 348 miles away. I’ve been trying to find a way to get there without driving (long way, not very carbon neutral and very tiring) and without it taking me longer to get each way than I will have to spend at the show and without it being hugely expensive. Bearing in mind I’m not ready for Potfest yet and I’m teaching up here on monday morning. I’ve tried it every which way and even with Paul Young’s kind offer to take me from his place onwards I think I have – very sadly and disapointingly – come to the conclusion that I can’t do it. I’d love to see the show, I’d love to see my friends both blogger and otherwise again, I’d love to maybe meet Mary Wandrausch but it’s crazy, I’d spend two and a bit days travelling and be far too tempted by fabulous pots, and I’d stay up late wittering and nattering and I’d get myself even more tired and then I’d just get ill again like I did the last time I tried to do more than two weeks worth of stuff in a weekend.
I need a fairy godmother who shall whisk me away in a whirl of stars and fairy dust and get me there in the blink of an eye, or a Doctor Who style tardis that’ll take me there, let me see it all and bring me back two hours before I went.
Ho hum. Sad but there you have it, you can’t do everything I suppose. What it does mean though is that I get to do loads more work and go to a bbq on sunday with my Scouts who will be fresh back from the Blair Atholl Jamborette in Perthshire. I have been on this two week jamborette for the last two times as the arts and crafts leader. I had a ball. Hard hard wok but such fab people I made such great friends up there and it makes me sad (again!) to think of them having fun up there and not being with them. The local Scout patrol will bring back an international patrol for a few days to stay with them here at the end of the camp and on sunday they all join up down at the campsite here and I want to hear all about it from them.

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  1. Ron says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I really wanted to go too. My condor isn’t up for the trip as he’s gotten more and more fearful of flying over water. So I guess I’ll be here making pots. I do have a friend from here making the trip (she lives part time in London and loves pots). I sent a couple pots along for Doug.Skype me this week if you want to have a little chat. or natter or whatever it’s called. 🙂

  2. ang says:

    oh botherations! but good work sorting it out blogstyle, I get it, have a great wednesday.

  3. What you need is a little helper, if you had a slightly bigger workshop you could get someone in to do your sieving, cleaning, answer the phone for you, make the clay, mix slips & glazes, look after customers, etc have a showroom. Go on you know it makes sense come over to the dark side.

  4. potterboy says:

    Theres always next year, full moons permitting. You should really try to get a stand there.Ho hum…

  5. doug fitch says:

    Pity you can’t make it, it would have been lovely to see you – guess Bideford isn’t too far away now. Skype camera etc. Tesco £10, get on there!

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