Hatfield Volume II

On the hot sunny Friday morning that was the first day of Art in Clay at Hatfield one of my lovely visitors, Wendy, arrived bearing this lovely bunch of roses from her garden along with a picnic and Pimms to boot. Their scent was pretty intoxicating.

I took this slip trail and paper resist charger with me. It’s quite a big one, fitted in my kiln, but only just, pretty awkward to get in there actually. I’m very pleased with it though.

I told you it was hot there, well I spent part of the Sunday afternoon asleep under my stand. I just couldn’t cope with the heat at all. This was the coolest place I could find.

Another new charger, this one with my old favourite the oak tree. This one left for a new home first thing on the Friday morning.

This lady, Rumi works at Gallery St Ives in Tokyo, who show my work. She visited the show and spent time drawing the pots that were on my stand. Lovely mark making.

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3 Responses to Hatfield Volume II

  1. Daniel Finnegan says:

    I like that napping frock!

  2. Anna says:

    I so love our tree plates.

    It has been HOT here as well. Today about did me in.

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