Hatfield again.

Oh now I’m even more distressed at not being able to get to Hatfield. The one and only, utterly amazing queen of slipware, Mary Wandrausch is exhibiting this year. How did that fact manage to pass me by? I don’t miss things like that. I only just heard it and I feel really sick that I could have met her finally. Utterly gutted.

I’ve got a nest of baby spiders living above my door at work, tiny and see through and apologies for the dreadful photo but they are great.

Slipped the tea bowls. What do you reckon Alan? I left some undecorated spaces on them, very difficult for me to do.
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9 Responses to Hatfield again.

  1. It will be really good if Mary is there but I recently met Angela Smith who works for Mary and she wasn’t sure if Mary was well enough to go. I am hoping to call in as we drive up to Uttoxeter but we will have all the food in the van for our group! We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Ron says:

    Sorry you won’t make it Hannah, I know it would be a special meeting for you.Wow, those are fancy slipware teabowls! You may start a new trend.Looks great.

  3. I don’t know, is nothing sacred? now she’s making great tea bowls in this red stuff! Love the decoration,(I have a rather nice John Pollex Tea Bowl circa 1981. maybe not as nice as this one looks but it’s not a new thing to make out of earthen ware).

  4. I think you’re on to something. My first reaction when I saw these tea bowls was to reach for them hoping that I could pull them off of my screen and feel them. I bet they will be a pleasure to hold. Nice, very nice!

  5. Ron says:

    I really like the one on the right. That deco is like candy.

  6. ang says:

    so are you going to make a last minute dash to Hatfield or is it too far? sounds tempting though…

  7. paul jessop says:

    Those spiders would look great on a pot, or is that a bit grose?

  8. potterboy says:

    Well not only is MW there – I saw her – she is giving a talk at 3.30pm tomorrow. I wish I had some sort of recording g device…

  9. Hannah says:

    oh Alan, there’s always a dig in there even if it’s disguised as a compliment. We’ll get you yet.Thank you for the tea bowl comments though. Not sure they’ll become a regular though. However you never know.Andrew you’re making me even more sick. Stop it but do me a favour and take some pics would you, of the pots really rather than her but if she’ll pose for you that wouldd be fun too.

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