Hard days with really nice surprise bits

I had visitors on monday, two of them, first this little mite who accidentally ended up in the workshop, I think he was aiming for the bird feeder but missed. Very sweet he was, had to pick him up and take him out as he was utterly bemused by the whole experience, don’t think he’d ever been in a pottery before.

Then this visitor who you may or may not recognise from the bad photo, sorry Dan! It was a very very brief visit, lovely to see him though for such a short time. I would have liked to have taken you on a tour to meet all my potting and otherwise arty / crafty and lovely friends and great places in the area but we had time for little other than cake and quick workshop tour and er, cake! Come back soon and we’ll give you a proper taste of Galloway. It was a lovely visit though, thanks for the book, I started it last night and so far it’s great, and watch this space and his space for plans that are afoot for 2011…

Frogs in mugs. I found this mold that I made for frogs for frog mugs, I made it when I very first set up the business and haven’t used it for years. Until now.

Done! All One hundred and something mugs and plates are done and away and went off on time after all the chaos surrounding them. It was close but ended up just fine. I’ve been worrying about these for so long that now they are done and away I’m lost again. It’s Potfest this weekend, set up tomorrow – how on earth did that appear so quickly? I still haven’t really been able to do anything much for it so my head is not in a very good space for going exhibiting and being positive about what I do. It’ll be better once I get there and set up hopefully, at the moment I’m a bit higglydepigglyde. Today I’m going to set to with packing up and I think once I really set the pots out I’ll realise that I have more and better pots than I think I have at the moment. Fingers crossed. There’s a glaze kiln on at the moment but whether it’ll be cool by tomorrow morning is anyone’s guess.

I had made this for my competition piece for the weekend. It is now a pile of shards after I bisqued it too quickly in my tiny kiln yesterday, too distracted and unsettled and just wasn’t thinking straight. Another one bites the dust.
Right off on a box hunt this morning and then back to work to start the pack up, oh and maybe make some new shelves if I’m feeling so inclined. Happy Wednesday.
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5 Responses to Hard days with really nice surprise bits

  1. Shards….ooops and oh dear!

  2. Sorry about the shards. But great all those mugs arer done. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  3. Peter says:

    Oh Hannah, so sad about the shards, it was a lovely one too! Nice to see you getting back into the swing of producing work again. Potfest, hope it goes well. Lovely wee birdie in the photo. Maybe he will become a potter one day if he is showing so much interest. He would probably do a nice line in footprint decoration in soft clay, and he could work wonders with his wings using his wings to splatter fresh slip. If he was really talented, he could probably try making coil pots in the nesting season… just a thought!

  4. Sorry to hear about the show piece. That is always a real kick in the shins when you loose something you put a lot of work into. Just yesterday I took the lid off a very large canister I had been working on, only to discover that I had cut through the bottom when I cut it off the bat. Oh well, life goes on. Good luck at Potfest. I am sure everything will go swimmingly.

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