Happy New Year

The icy temperatures are fine as long as you are prepared for them and don’t particularly want to travel anywhere. I don’t think it’s been above freezing since before Christmas, thick socks, long johns, chunky mittens, hats and lots of jumpers are the order of the day. I suppose at least if I do slip out there with this many layers I should just bounce back up right again.

Back to work today or at least back to the workshop, didn’t get too much done but made some plans and wrote some lists and tried to keep walking round the space to keep my feet warm. Just some pictures from the last few days for you. The ice sheet above was on the sea front at Auchencairn, just suspended in the air by the pointy tops of a couple of rocks, weird.

Icy sheep in an icy field beneath a low winter sun. This is the view from the road looking back towards the workshop, on the way home from work this afternoon, I know left early, it was still light! Easing back in gently to the working week.

Grasses again at Auchencairn.

And the first daft pic of the year.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. ang says:

    heheheheh you crazy H hope you didnt get too chilly doing that pose…

  2. Really great pictures. The light is very similar here in NC. Cold, too.

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