Happy Halloween

Wet slip again, it never doesn’t make me want to either take a bite from it or pour a bucket full of it all over myself. Why is that? Delicious stuff.

Today I spent what felt like hours wrapping and packing pots to be sent away. One big parcel off to the Stirling Smith Art Gallery in Stirling and the other pile of boxes off to the National Museum in Edinburgh, both for their Christmas exhibitions. Hopefully they will be swapped in good time for a nice cheques.

I put a new blade in my stanley knife this afternoon while I was packing up the work, oh my how much easier and more pleasant that makes life. A small thing but oh it makes me happy.

Yesterday Silvana McLean came to decorate her pot for the Twelve Pots of Christmas exhibition. The pots are really coming together now, still quite a few more people to work with but it feels like it’s happening finally. I had to turn Andy’s dish this morning, a bit nerve wracking after all the time he had put in. I don’t go through the bottoms of pots very often these days but somehow the pressure was much stronger when it was just my work that I would be spoiling.
I was just about to put on my pumpkin outfit and take a picture for you for Halloween but have been informed that the outfit has been sent away to be stored until next year. So you’ll have to wait for that pleasure, the Cubs were most amused at out Halloween party on wednesday last, I dread to think what the really think about their leader, sometimes the looks they give me are priceless.
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6 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. Anonymous says:

    H in a pumpkin outfit – how scary is that!!Presumably your glowing personality is enough to illuminate the pumpkin head.

  2. Hannah, your slip work is just the VERY BEST! I always want to lick the freshly slipped pieces when you have them on your blog,they look so yummy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope you are going to treat us to pics of the total collection of the 12 Pots of Christmas. The teasers are peaking my interest.

  4. Peter says:

    The twelve pots of Christmas sounds such a great idea. It must be nerve wracking turning bottoms of bowls that others have decorated, rather you than me! Goodness, you have been doing such lovely work, it just keeps on getting better and better!This Halloween thing has me amused, and a little perplexed.., it seems such an elaborate occasion now around much of the world. Is it a big thing in Scotland these days?

  5. Wet slip is great isn't it! Especially when it doesn't gravitate immediately off the pot you know you've got a good slip. I just started blogging again at http://apartment51pottery.blogspot.comTalk to you later Hannah.

  6. soubriquet says:

    That's the best opening line, just the best.And I agree, there's something luscious about it. In making, I'm more drawn to stoneware, I'm not sure why, but i served my early years of potting in a slipware pottery, I loved the way trailed slip sat into a freshly slipped surface, I still love to play with feathered decoration, but my decorating skills are a disgrace, I'm the king of wobbly lines and mis-sized text, so I just don't do it.Nice to hear that John was a good boss to have, it was always my impression that he was good with people, still is. And his skills in defusing a complaining customer, and sending said customer forth as a happy chappy are a delight to see. Skills we all need.

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