Hannah McAndrew “UUM”

(this mug looks gigantic but though it is big isn’t as bucket sized as it looks in this picture)

So it’s the end of the first week back at work, it’s flown around, before I know it it’ll be June and then December and I’ll be saying where on earth has the year gone.
I three big fat mugs the other day after spending a couple of cups of tea time sitting in front of the fire looking through some books and my sketch pads to find a mug shape that I haven’t made before.
I ended up making some big fat round bellied things, they are pretty big, 1lb of clay, they’ll hold quite an amount of tea. Then I went and made some more tea and sat looking at them and realised they were the same sort of shape as the Doug sprigged mug that I was drinking out of – oops. I told him this when I spoke to him but said you know it’ll be fine because I never use sprigs.

Until now that is…
I have a box full of sprigs that I’ve made over the last many years and they sit there and do nothing. As this is my “January make whatever weird things you so have the desire to” time I thought I’d have a play with them after all.

So they are in some ways inspired by two potters with the initials DF and in some ways by this excellent piece in an Australian gallery. As the last one will make quite clear.

A jolly dear friend of mine was describing me this week and used what I think frankly is a wonderful ending to his description of “ultimately utterly mad”. I love it, I think I might use it after my name and be from now onwards Hannah McAndrew UUM.

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13 Responses to Hannah McAndrew “UUM”

  1. Janice says:

    wow these look great, I'm all for a BIG mug of tea!

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    I try to keep mine down to about 2pts. I might try sprigging some to give them extra weight so they don't float away when empty.

  3. you need to get a grip on your obsession..:) I love the ole' smiley face….

  4. doug Fitch says:

    Hey I knicked it off Clive 🙂

  5. ang walford says:

    hehehe yep you nailed it :))

  6. Your comment 'january make weird things etc., That's quite cool! Might just copy that thinking for the next few weeks!

  7. Christine says:

    Hey, I like the new look 2012 blog, especially the header.

  8. gz says:

    mugs with buttons!!

  9. ajsimmons says:

    my favourite is the OTT sprigged mug….Happy New Year Hannah, and may your happy madness continue through the year A x

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic Hannah, loving the big mugs uum!!

  11. Paul Jessop says:

    Hi Hannah, Love the mugs looks a bit like my belly after Christmas.

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