Ha ha some pots!

I pulled some handles on the mugs that I had thrown yesterday. Some are better than others, I don’t seem to have got the delicateness of handle that I was aiming for but I think for this shape these are better than the sort that I put on my other mugs ie part pulled on the pot rather than pulled and then stuck on.

I threw a copy of big “things” they are allegedly coming from a fab website I found last night which is for the Museum of London. I saw some medieval jugs, beauties they were, I don’t do them justice here but I think I will have another go, it took me 6 attempts to get these two. I was struggling with the inward curve a the bottom of them.

These two pics (above and below) are from the one jug, when I got in this morning one of the harvest jugs I had slipped to sgraffito had acquired a split in it’s belly so I cut it in half to have a look at the walls. Anyway then I took the opportunity to play on the surface of the two halves that I was no longer at all precious about. I like the comby thing that I used. An orange plastic thing I bought ages ago because it looked useful!

Off out for a meal tonight with other members of the Spring Fling committee, so I’ve had to wash and get a bit spruced up for the occasion. It’s hard work when you don’t do it very often, anyway it’s not quite a ball gown Ron but tis a skirt none the less. Crikey that’ll surprise them, bet they didn’t know I had legs. They may all be put off their meals though. Oops.
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8 Responses to Ha ha some pots!

  1. Ron says:

    I think it would be fun to make a calendar and each month feature a female potter with two pictures. One in her dirty potter’s clothes, apron etc. And the other be an image of her cleaned up and dressed like going to a fancy dinner party or something. Could do the same for the fellows, I look great in a tux.

  2. I’d be happy with those handles, Hannah. They look pretty much just right to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The girl has legs!! She’s up and running 2009. Excellent!!

  4. ang says:

    lovely bit of combing H, it’s good to loosen up and have a go…great forms too..

  5. Hannah says:

    Do you know the first thing Amanda said when I walked in was “oooo you’ve got a skirt on!” Natalie liked my fancy tights and someone else liked my skirt. Blimey! Thought I had done so well trying to be smart too until I looked in the mirror in the toliets and realised I had a blob of clay stuck to my glasses. Derrr, it had all been going so well, how long had I been sat there with that there? Numpty

  6. doug fitch says:

    Ha, all lovely mugs, third from left particularly nice proportions/handle.Well done taking clay on your specs, mine always have a good lump stuck to them because I forget too – I don’t think it’s a bad thing.Getting that curve’s really difficult isn’t it? I’ve found that the best way is to use really tough clay and to throw the necks seperately – good pots, great to see it all happening again and pushing new things too.

  7. Ron says:

    I’ve always got glaze in my ear or something.

  8. paul jessop says:

    That Museum web site is a treat.I used to wonder around in there for Hours when I was suppossed to be working. Time well spent I felt.

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