Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Here I am home again from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, I’ve been back a day or two but I’m shattered and not been feeling too great so it’s been a slow return. I had a great time away but sales for me were very poor this weekend. It’s a great show, the organisation is brilliant, the set up is great in the large marquee though I was unsure about the second pavilion that was there this time, I think it was a bit awkward having it as an entirely separate structure though I understand there were reasons for that to do with the site. The position of the show is great, it’s in a very smart newly rebuilt area of Manchester and surrounded by great places to eat, many of which myself and Amanda enjoyed sampling.
This picture makes the whole stand look a bit wonky but I don’t think those boards were as wonky as that, I certainly hope they weren’t! I measured them, honest! As you can see I took jugs jugs and more jugs and a few other pieces but I did like the emphasis on the jugs. The picture looks a bit dark but it was pretty well lit in there actually. I met up with lots of people from the Manchester area who I haven’t seen in a long while and a few customers who had bought pots last year and were returning. Two of those returning were Adelle and Justin from H is For Home who took a little collection of jugs home with them. You can read more about the show on their blog here. It’s interesting that they have used pictures of my pots and Ruth Green’s work too, Ruth’s work is lovely.

The quality of the exhibitors is for the main very high, one of my favourites is Ruth Green, there’s some work here at the Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, I do love her prints, one day one will be mine, Ruth has a couple of my pots now which is lovely, I think we both look in similar places for our inspiration and ideas. And, she’s a lovely lass too, what more can you want.

There were many other great exhibitors there who I enjoyed catching up with again, Teresa Green, James Hake, Alison Macleod, Fiona Thompson and Chris Donelly, Brian Young, Janine Partington, etc etc etc. Then my stand was almost opposite Tone Von Krogh a potter who I used to work with in the Royal Exchange Gallery in Manchester 10 years ago so that was great to catch up with her. Opposite me was Sam from Creo Ergo Sum whose work I know my bike obsessed bloke would have loved!
Now it’s back to continued packing of pots to go out for Christmas exhibitions and a wonder about whether to book a last minute show up in Glasgow but my head is currently full to bursting and I can’t seem to make any decisions at all.

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  1. ajsimmons says:

    Thats weird as it didnt look that wonky at all…very fab in fact! It was a good weekend despite sales…so annoyed I missed Ryan Giggs!! A x

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Hannah,Hope you are feeling better and full of energy again by the time this gets to you. I loved the look of your stand, and the jugs are especially fabulous. I do sympathise about sales…. booo hooo… things are tough here too sadly. Thanks for putting all those names and links with the post, I look forward to finding out more about the people you mention, it is fun having a look at what people do. I guess that the nights are closing in now for you and it is starting to get a bit wintery. Do stay warm and remember to get some Christmas baking done… Can't beat a good Christmas pud in the depths of winter… (and makes a nice treat for breakfast too!!)

  3. Paul Jessop says:

    Stand looked Good, Wonky or never know who saw your work and will buy later. keep your pecker up.

  4. Anonymous says:

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