Goodbye sweet friend



Michael and Andrew of Northumbrian Craft Pottery, aka The Geordie Boys.

I am going to use the words of Chris and Geoff Cox here as I am unable to express my sadness in words and they have done it so beautifully.

‘It’s with great sadness I’m writing to all this year’s Potfest
exhibitors to tell of the death of Michael Palmer – half of the Geordie
Boys, Northumbrian Craft Pottery. Michael and Andrew have taken part in
every Potfest since it started way back in 1994.  I know this will come
as a terrible shock to all who knew him and in truth Potfest will never
be quite the same. My hope for Potfest was that it would become a
friendship builder and support system and to some extent it has, but how
often do we miss the vulnerability of friends in the bonhomie of the
show. Michael had suffered from depression in the past though it rarely
showed at Potfest. Tragically he took his own life a few days ago. If
you knew him I know that like us you will be devastated by the news but
let”s try to find something positive from this tragedy. Don’t dwell on
the dark side when we meet up. Treasure your friends [ and neighbours ]
at the show this year and most importantly, look after each other. If
Potfest has any value at all let it be about caring not just cash.’
Chris & Geoff Cox

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6 Responses to Goodbye sweet friend

  1. Hazel Higham says:

    2 lovely boys!! so sad, we’ll miss him, he was about everything Potfest represents, friendly, helpful, thoughtful, kind, supportive, skilful, hard-working and fun!!

  2. andrew niblett says:

    Spent a few nites with those boys always great to be around will raise a beer for you rest in peace

  3. John Butler says:

    Woah, really taken aback by this. Didn’t know him well but he was always an inescapable part of the friendly, warm and good-humoured background at the Potfests I’ve done. Thinking of his family and friends.

  4. mimi says:

    I send my heartfelt condolences to all who loved him.

  5. Sue Crossfield says:

    Will always remember their help moving those heavy gates in the Pens and the their regular distribution of cake to fellow exhibitors
    and also those at Potfest in the Park. This was a very touching gesture and made us all feel loved. Michael will be very much missed.

  6. Such sad news today – it’s so easy to mistake fun and laughter for self-confidence. Although it’s a long time since I was doing the shows, I always remember the Geordie Boys with a smile ….

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