Here we are back to good old GMT time which means that it’s starting to get dark at something awful like a quarter to 5 in the afternoon. I’m taking a deep breath as we plunge into the winter darkness. Autumn I love, as I have said before, winter I’m not so sure about and as much as I love it as it is now I know that that means that January and February are approaching ever faster and I hate that time of year. So the moral is of course enjoy crispy blowy autumn and think not on the doom and gloom that gathers on the horizon.
I’m home again from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. What a time. I’m shattered -again and sat here huddled under a quilt with a mug of hot blackcurrant and a sniffly nose and dizzy head trying to recover from the too long spent working sillyly hard up to the show and then the stress of actually being at a show and the fact that though you aren’t physically doing huge amounts it’s still tiring doing the whole being attentive and interesting thing. I find it exhausting being around so many people for so long because I suppose I am so very unused to being around many people at all. All the talking and chatting and catching up is fantastic but it wears me out. Being back in Manchester was weird, I haven’t been there properly in ages and I used to spend so much time there. I met so many people that I haven’t seen in a while including a good many tutors from MMU which is always good but makes me a bit nervous at the same time. Alex it’s always lovely to see you, sorry I picked the time you were there to escape for 10 minutes to get some fresh air. I met up with people I used to work with, with an good old Scouting friend and his family, with my cousin and her partner, lots of people from uni and of course my good friends who I am in touch with more regularly too.
I didn’t sell a huge amount I’ll be honest though I met lots of very interested people, a number of whom I think will be back so in that respect it did me no harm what so ever. The quality of exhibitor I thought was incredibly high, the number of visitors was incredibly high, sometimes I couldn’t get down the aisles for the numbers of people in the place. The organisation was brilliant and the organisers had endless enthusiasm and patience. I got a mention on a another blog from the show, h is for home, click to have a look at some of the other exhibitors at the show. I apologise for once again failing to take any pictures. I have one of the stand and that’s it. Rubbish I know, sorry.
So now I’m into recovery mode but needing to get back into making mode too, I’ll be back in the workshop properly tomorrow all being well, fingers crossed etc.

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  1. Ron says:

    Rest up Hannah. Doing those big events, and small ones too, is really tiring. Just looked at the h is for home site. Nice pic of the birdie mugs. It looks like a great show. Hope to catch up with you soon.

  2. paul jessop says:

    Hi,I find doing the shows a great strain on the mind, you get so much info said to you and people always want so much info about your stuff, sometimes it's all just to much info. the up side is that once your back in your own workshop and got some clay wedged up it feels so nice to be on your own again.

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