Getting Ready

So the last of the pots have been slipped and (hopefully) dried and most are now glazed and awaiting packing in the kiln. There have been some new tygs, perfect for your loved one for Valentines day, hint hint.

I have been really enjoying decorating these dishes. I think I could have some good fun with these.

I didn’t get to see the recent exhibition of Paul Klee’s work at the Tate but I have been looking at some of his images, hence the faces here.

I think I need to practice more to get the marks right but I am enjoying them and I like the mix of finger marks and trailed lines.

Oh and just in case you need a chuckle….

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2 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Have a great firing and for goodness sake be careful!

  2. peter says:

    Your slip decoration looks edible….. mmmm chocolate! The Paul Klee exhibition would have been interesting. I missed what was probably the one and only one to come to NZ many years ago, which was a shame. I have always admired his inventiveness and the lively marks that he made. I went through a happy period when I was water colour painting, where Klee was a big influence. All the best for the wood firing!

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