G G G G Glazes!

H McAndrew Glaze Tests - CopyHere we go again. Glaze tests a go go. My glaze is playing silly beggars again. Oh I do hate it so much when that happens. Weeks worth of making just for the shard heap, bang, deadlines out the window, confidence rock bottom, frustration levels very high.

H McAndrew Slipware MugsI had just finished the 50 ish mugs for an order, glazed them all, popped the majority into a firing and suddenly had to start making the order all over again instead of making some play time pots.

H McAndrew New Mugs - CopySo more mugs made, currently cooling in the bisque firing. I’ve spoken to lots of lovely potters again this last week or so, picking brains and scavenging for solutions. Some of tests were oh so much worse than the failing original but I think that there is one worth pursuing. There are some more pots in the kiln now cooling with that on too so fingers crossed.

I suppose it is one of the challenges of working with natural materials. They might have been cleaned and refined and delivered in labelled bags but they are still wild materials, and so their make up will be slightly different depending on where the batch originated, be that country or even section of a seam. What doesn’t kill you makes you wiser / stronger / greyer?

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6 Responses to G G G G Glazes!

  1. gz says:

    fellow feelings here…it is an awful feeling when your favourite glaze goes awol !
    Back to the alchemy!!

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    How awful ! Good luck figuring it out.

  3. Barb Rogers says:

    Oh no! I know that must be an awful feeling, but you’re just picking yourself up by your bootstraps and carrying on! Good luck!

  4. Anna Branner says:

    Ugh. An entire kiln load? And an order to boot. Awful. Fingers crossed the latest test is the answer!

  5. Marcus Davis says:

    Oh, doesn’t that just drive you crazy? I’ve take to testing new batches of materials by making a small glaze batch with them before I run out, because of too many ‘accidents’ not being such happy ones. Good luck with the next load!!!

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