Funky Friday

Another plate out of the last firing (I didn’t show you this one last time did I? Not sure.) It’s been a busy day again, popped of for a massage this morning to try to fix my hand after the wall incident earlier in the week. Then back to the workshop for a throwing, turning, handling and kiln packing fest.

I had a visit this afternoon from Bill my friend who runs the Broughton Gallery. He was bringing back the pots that were left after the last exhibition there, quite a good few sold and some left over for London. He’s offered to take some pots down to London for me if I need it as he’s going to be going down anyway, and he left a very lovely looking bar of posh chocolate which I have so far managed to resist but it might not last much longer.
I think I’ll be in work quite a lot over the weekend, I did manage to get a bisque firing on this evening, it was dry almost all day so the farmyard was strewn with pots out drying.
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  1. Big Al says:

    Hannah, I’ve not seen the green and black before. Awesome! You do amazing work! I’m watching the exchange rate closely. I’ll have my plate yet!Hope the hand gets better and that the show in London goes very well.

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