From Oxford to St. Ives

H McAndrew Holding Birdie MugLast weekend we were at the Oxford Ceramics Fair, it is a CPA event (the first installment of the new CPA website is up and running now by the way) and so is only open to members of the organisation. It’s also a fairly small show so competition for places is pretty hot. This is the second time I have been accepted to show there and it really is a treat to be a part of it. The team that organise it, mainly the potters John and Jude Jelfs do a great job, ably assisted by a team of hard working volunteers who keep the weekend running smoothly. I had a great show, my pots seemed to be jumping from the table and running off to be with new owners right left and centre!

McAndrewFitch1The week preceding Oxford we had a photo shoot here in the workshop with Shannon Tofts, he’s a great photographer who I have been using for years. This time he did lots of product shots for us but we had time for some images to be taken out and about too of us and of pots out in the world around the workshop. They are a fabulous batch of images and they will certainly be being used far and wide over the next year.

Doug with jug - Shannon Tofts - smSo now we are back in the workshop making again for our next show, it’s the last big fling of the year and it’s to be our joint exhibition at The Leach Pottery in St. Ives. It’s called ‘A Love Affair With Clay’ and will open with a private view on 27th November at 6pm. I’ll put more details up soon. We had been planning to spend the month of November on a residency at the Leach Pottery but what with the baby coming and sadly a fire at a group studio in St. Ives leaving a lot of potters without workshops we offered the space we would have used to them and so we will make the exhibition up here in Galloway and then take it down to Cornwall. We have one wood firing before the show opens, and hopefully if we manage the pots for it we will make that two just so that we get to select from a large enough range, we have about 70% of the work finished and ready but of course there’s always more waiting to burst out.

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3 Responses to From Oxford to St. Ives

  1. Barb Rogers says:

    Great work in progress…what will those slabs become, I wonder? Love Mrs. Pumpkin outfit!

  2. Tracey says:

    Really lovely photos! You will have to get that photographer back over in a few months so we can see the newest family member!!!

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