From London to Galloway

I was at the lovely Geffrye Museum last weekend for Ceramics in the City. Only a week ago and yet it feels like an age ago already. Weird how time seems to move in very inconsistent ways. I don’t know what’s happening at the moment, it’s a bit odd but I have actually felt pleased with the pots that I have and the display that I have made, again, that’s at least twice in my life so far. It makes a very pleasant change from hating everything and being embarrassed about it all. I don’t know what has sparked the feeling.

Here are three of my wood fired jars, the one on the right went off to a new home at the Food Festival. The one on the left is currently being exhibited in Wigtown, more information below.

Ceramics in the City is where I go to catch up with the adorable and funny and wonderfully good company of Prue Cooper, fellow slipware potter. She makes slab molded dishes with beautiful decoration, witty and heartfelt and just great. She gave me a gift of this triple nozzled slip trailer that her husband had made for her twenty years ago I think she said. I look forward to having some fun with that Prue, thank you.

My bird plate featured in the poster for the show.

Slip trail wood fired lidded jar with finger wipes and trailed leaves.

My work is currently on display in the home of another wonderful lady Kay Ribbens who makes hats that I am incredible fond of. I have two of her titfers and was tempted by another yesterday but I did restrain myself, for the time being. Anyway myself, Kay, Natalie Vardey – jeweller and Hope London – painter and exhibiting in Kay’s stunning house over the course of the Wigtown Book Festival. So if you are going to the festival then I can recommend popped along to Mochrum Park to enjoy the delights on offer there.

No cows were hurt in the making of this film but a Hannah was made to feel a little nervous.

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6 Responses to From London to Galloway

  1. KateUK says:

    The lidded pots are particularly beautiful. I usually feel apologetic/embarassed about my work too- odd isn’t it?

  2. smartcat says:

    The covered jars are terrific. Your display fits with the style of your work.
    Those cows were looking very enthusiastic!
    What is it that makes us so embarrassed about our work?

  3. Daniel Finnegan says:

    I have to ash…what’s a tit for?

  4. David Barber says:

    You’re work looks absolutely beautiful.
    I really like the crates that you’ve used in the display. I’ve found it difficult finding a way of displaying pots vertically. I did have some shelving made, but it really didn’t compliment the pottery. I love this idea, simple, but effective!

  5. Rob says:

    I love the three jars, especially the contrast between the slipped top half and plain bottom half.
    The mooing cow was a nice surprise, too.

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