Friday Sunny Day

I love this picture. It reminds me of a photo I have somewhere of a group of wonky but very old jugs of similar shape to this that are all leaning in random directions. Amanda pointed out that she couldn’t believe I could happily leave all these on that shelf and that it was bending sightly. She may have a point. I happily made these earlier in the week but they may have been the cause of the discomfort later. Today I have happily made blackberry muffins, last week it was currant buns, but this week the first pickings from the road sides here have been muffinised. Hmm, just trying one, not bad, a bit denser than I might have liked but quite tasty.

It’s been a corker of a week here, while NC and it’s coastal neighbours were waiting for Hurricane Earl and NZ has been wobbling with an earthquake, south west Scotland has been positively basking in the sunshine. Wonderful weather, September has been like this for the past few years. Today we had a ‘sod it’ day and we cycled down into town this afternoon, bought ice-creams and sat in the park by the side of the loch to eat them. Very pleasant indeed.
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5 Responses to Friday Sunny Day

  1. Anna says:

    "muffinized" I like that!

  2. ang says:

    nice day to wag it!! tipping down here… :((

  3. Trish says:

    A beautiful photo..looks like the perfect afternoon 'get away' activity. and beautiful jugs as well. The apples in my neighbours yard are calling me to seek a few for a pie..(okay, I would get permission ;).Trish from Alberta

  4. Ramen Fiend says:

    I like those jugs. They seem really old-fashioned, like I've seen 'em somewhere before. What are they used for? About what is the thickness of the walls in English measurements? Do you think coil method and a trim on the wheel would work? Aaaah, sorry for all the questions. ^.^" I'd like to take a crack at making one.

  5. Hannah says:

    Hi all,Ramen, thanks for the questions, they are very old shapes, based on some medieval pots, the thickness, maybe about 5mm at a guess, I throw the neck and body separatly and join them but yes the coil and throw would probably work too. Give it a try. What are they used for? Anything you'd like to use them for. The origianls would maybe have been for beer I suppose but have a look at the link on the right of the blog for the pots in their new homes.Thanks for reading.

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