Friday friday

Another full day, some of my lidded jars to decorate, some for a customer who has ordered a set of small, medium and large ones. I also turned the footrings into two of the big platters, I have taken a picture and I’ll put it up when I get them sorted. Turned into another glorious sunny day again, I could get used to the fabulous weather.
Still waiting for Paul to get back, it looks like it’ll be tomorrow now, feels like weeks since I’ve seen him. He works from home mainly but does get sent away on missions from time to time anywhere from Tyneside to Norway to China although I’m not sure it’s all as glamorous as it sounds.
These jugs are by Toff Milway and were at the salt and soda exhibition the other weekend, I think they are lovely together. The shelves are full of Ruthanne Tudball’s work. Those jugs with the twist are beautifula and apparently came from watching the ceilidh dancing one year at the Scottish Potters conference. I love the way she woks, it’s all so instant, everything is finished as soon as possible, on the wheel if it can be. Watching her at Kindrogan a coupleof years ago was just wonderful. Such an utterly different way of working from anything I had ever dreamed of.
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  1. Hannah, Thanks for the picture of Ruthanne Tudball’s work. I got to see her demo in Austin Tx last year and it was a treat. As you say, she works in such a unique way. She did not have many pieces of her work with her here so I am enjoying seeing a wider selection. Gay

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