Friday Frenzy

Barcelona shoe shop, any colour any size as long as you want this style! The whole shop was just like this table. I was amazed, we walked past a few times, it became a point of reference as landmarks along with the shop on the corner with the underwear that looked like it wouldn’t keep you very warm through a Scottish winter.

I unpacked a glaze firing this morning, I took no pictures other than this one and promptly packed it all up and sent it away to various places, Gracefield Arts Centre, Gallerytop and the Dartington Cider Press Centre. I got two big chargers out safely, the first in months, one was one of my new clay samples, the other my normal clay with a lot of grog in it, both dried for about three months and very very slowly and fired very very very slowly too. So which part of that was the key to success I don’t know but maybe if I do all of the above all the time then the things may start coming through the kiln in one piece again.

Phil McMenemy came to slip his pot today for the McGill Duncan show, which is mentioned in this new edition of Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine. It’s always fun having Phil around, never a dull moment.

I’ve been trying to make big candlesticks for fat candles. No idea how on earth I will be decorating them yet but watch this space. I think this weekend will be another of weekend working, there is a lot to do though most of the pressure for the year is off now, I just have one big show at the CatStrand to finish work for and then a couple of lovely local fairs and the do with Phil and Amanda and the McGill Duncan show and I think that’s about it. Oh and a couple of orders to finish and some Christmas presents to make once I get my head round the idea of Christmas which will be a few weeks away yet I think.
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4 Responses to Friday Frenzy

  1. Hi Hannah! Really like the offset patterns on the charger!

  2. bob says:

    Hey Hannah, nice platter! and I like the candlestick for the fat candles. I think the more substantial base will be great for slipping! Have fun with that one!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Gallerytop! That's near us…. We're still going to want tiles, especially since we now have two of Doug's kittens that terrify us every night with their antics round our pots! Only one thing broken so far, but we're not tempting fate by buying much more until they're a bit older. Tiles will be OK though, they'll struggle to knock them over! Start thinking of a design for a tile panel of about 3' square (6 tiles by 6) Personally I like the idea of the oak tree type thing. I'm fitting and piping up the Rayburn over the next couple of weekends, but there is n o grat rush for tiles, Doug's doing some for over the worktop, we just need someone for behind the sink and windowsill now…. All the bestDave & Sue (& Doug and Miffy, yes, we named the naughty, funny looking boy kitten after him))

  4. Oooh, wonderful candle holder shape indeed.

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