Friday Feeling

Sunflower! The first one has flowered. It says “Giant” on the packet, this one is at least three foot tall. Hmmm.

Nearly there, come on now little flower, you can do it.

Big list to be tackled this morning and I didn’t do too bad really, a few more things to finish tomorrow morning before I’m away but I was quite pleased with the progress really. A couple of things still under plastic but not too many.

Third harvest jug been sgraffitoed this afternoon. It was a lovely way to spend a drizzly friday afternoon. This morning was the first wet ride to work in about 4 weeks! No doubt there’s more to come over the next few months, I suppose I should start to get myself acclimatised to it.

The Autumn exhibition opens tomorrow at the Parkfields Gallery in Ross on Wye. A very lovely part of the country, spent a good few weeks there enjoying Venture Scout camps in years gone by. Those were the days when summer holidays were sunny and hot and never ended, we’d canoe down the rivers being chased by swans on the way, build camp fires and talk all night,tie our Venture leader to the back of a transit van and drive him across the field, learn to drink cider, think I’ll stop there. Good place to be though, many happy memories from those camps.

Here are two bowls that Blogger Margaret gave to me when I met her in London. She does do such exquisite decorating, these two have some of her enamels on the wings of the beasties. They’re beautiful. Thanks Margaret.
So tomorrow off down south to the big city again. At this rate I will be picking up quite a cockney accent in no time at all. I’ll be able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum again but where else should I go if I have time? Tell me your “must see” things to do in London and I’ll see what I can see.

Nope the picture above is not photoshopped, it is indeed a green KitKat. How crazy is that! It was from some of the Japanese teachers and kids that come and stay near here. I have to say from past experience I should have known that the sweets from Japan are not as we would expect them to be here in the UK. Everything has a quite different slant on it.
I will try to blog from London if I get chance, no doubt though we will both be quite worn out by the time we get back to the place we are staying at at the end of the days. I can’t wait to see Amanda’s new work, I’m really excited! Visit Origin if you have the chance.
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2 Responses to Friday Feeling

  1. ang says:

    ah well off to the big smoke again! enjoy…well i found euston station a barrel of laughs…! nearly got run over by the stampeed… the british museum has some great ancient pots and some lovely egyptian stamps i think they were…? down in the lower levels and it's free… have fun i wish i had more time there really anyhoo have a great trip H..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here are sum good fings yer must do in Lunnun.Petticoat lane, walk from Tower Hill tube up Mansell Street you can't miss it, the atmoustphere is fantastic then walk up to Brick lane and then down it lunch in an Indian there are loads.Walk at night on the south bank towards Lambeth palace, magic.Docklands museum at Canary wharf an old wharehouse full of wonderful things even a dockside street.When your tired of London you're tired of life.tim

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