Although I have been at work all week I don’t seem to have achieved much at all. Mostly I have been packing pots to post away and that does always take me far longer than I ever think it will. I blame it in the weather really. Most of the week has been grey and dreich, it doesn’t make for particularly energetic feelings really, not at the moment anyway. One day I rode over to Laurieston for a meeting about an exhibition next year. I think we made progress but that’s all a bit scary and different for me and for Phil McMenemy my photographer friend who I will be showing with. I’ll tell you more when we know more ourselves.

On the way back from Laurieston the road travels through fields that border the River Dee, it was dusk when I was heading home and the geese were all, unbeknown to me, settled in the fields for the evening. I must have made them jump as I rode by probably singing or talking to myself and a couple, then a couple of dozen and then what felt like a couple of thousand of them all took to the air squawking and flapping and frightening the living daylights out of me.

These wee jugs were decorated earlier in the week, they are for the Galloway Dark Skies exhibition coming up soon at the McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas. The wee people are out and about again.
What the weekend holds I don’t yet know, it seems to loom a bit when there’s just me here, I mean I have tonnes to be done but whether I’ll get around to the application forms and the accounts and the hoovering is another matter. I am however going to bake the Christmas cake at some point so that’ll keep me occupied for a fair few hours while that bakes. I like baking but I’d better not get carried away as Paul’s not here to wolf it all down in no time at all. Or I could get carried away baking and then you can all come round for tea and cakes next week, how about that? Anyone fancy tea and cake?

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5 Responses to Friday

  1. Anna says:

    Cake! Decorated with more Wee People???

  2. I KNOW! Packing pots = FOREVER.Totally awesome pots, as always 🙂

  3. Have any honey for the tea?

  4. ajsimmons says:

    love the new star gazers….even more cute. I see many new additions in this series! Mmmmmm tea and cake, yes please x

  5. Linda B says:

    What is dreich? It sounds German. Cake sounds lovely

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