Forgot again.

I was so busy again today I forgot to get the camera out of the bag again. Instead I have a little story to amuse and entertain you.
This morning it was tipping down with rain, I mean bucketing, and blowing a hooey, tail end of some hurricane I believe. I picked up the car keys but figured hey it’s only water, I won’t shrink, I’ll get the bike out. So donned the waterproofs and went out to the shed pulling the kitchen door to behind me so as the wind wouldn’t blow the gallons of water falling from the steel coloured sky into the kitchen and flood it. Got the bike, came back to pick up my bag and my keys so I could set off but oops! I’d pulled the door completely shut. And the Yale lock had clicked. And I was stood in the rain with no key. And Paul is away in Newcastle and wouldn’t be back till 8 tonight. Bugger. No probs, thinks she, find the spare key, I know where that is. Off to hunt it down, only to find that the safe spare key keeping place that I thought we had chosen is apparently no longer our safe spare key keeping place. Hmmm, back to the shed. I’ll just ring Paul I think to myself.Oh no I won’t my phone is in the kitchen. Figured I’d have to walk to work and stay there till he got home but then I’d be drenched to the skin by the time I got there and I’d have no food all day.
So I shoulder charged the door. Ouch.
Holiday pic of the day, Paul in the sea at. . . you guessed it Porlock beach.

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4 Responses to Forgot again.

  1. Anna says:

    Argh! The power of a potter! 🙂

  2. ang says:

    new hiding place for key required..

  3. Ron says:

    You broke the door in?!! Wow.

  4. Ye're a powerful woman, Hannah. And fun to read.

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