Flowers and Stress and Tea

Somebody took some notice of one of my past blog posts bless them and came to visit this week armed with a posy of flowers from their garden. Thanks Zoe!

This week I have been mostly rolling slabs of clay. It’s damn hard work isn’t it. I’m getting myself in a tizzy most of the week after I lost a good bit of work to the heat at the weekend. Honestly we never usually have that problem here. Crazy huh! Anyway what it has meaned (along with the fact that I have realised once again that my electric kiln is not the huge monster that I think it is) is that I am having to have a major rethink for the collaboration exhibition with Phil McMenemy that is coming up. As it happens the rethink may actually be better than the original plan but it’s been hard trying to leave the plan behind and accept that I can’t do it and then to make the firm decision of what to do now. I think I’m on to it now so fingers crossed no more disasters.
Spot the second visitor. I get lots of birds coming in for a visit, they come in and flap about a bit and tweet at me and poo all over the pots and then generally find their own way out again. The one below managed to fly into the window and stunned himself a wee bit. I took him back outside and he sat on my hand for ages trying to get his head back together. Little sweetie.

So slabs and slip. Damn it I do love slip so much. It is delicious and no matter how many times I think that and no matter how many pots I coat in slip, when I take the lid off the bucket and stick my arm in to stir it up it always gives me a shiver of delight.

So I have done a bit of sitting drinking tea and thinking too this week and a lot of pacing up and down the workshop drinking tea and thinking too. I often have these grand plans but all too often find that I have neither the right skills nor the right tools nor mainly the right knowledge to get them done. One day I might get to be a bit cleverer and a bit more sensible. Fingers crossed.

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8 Responses to Flowers and Stress and Tea

  1. Susan says:

    Thinking week here too, and tea, lots of tea.No clay yet, though I'm eager to get started. As for the wedging and rolling, then that will be hubbys job. Before the op I tried to show him how to spiral wedge, but as I do it left handed he could not cope, used to drive Alex nuts too. So I tried teaching him how to slice wedge – I hope the clay will cope with being kneaded before he rolls it out.

  2. gz says:

    Lovely portrait-now how did the photographer get you to relax and stay still for long enough!!

  3. Dan Finnegan says:

    "gz" said it all. Lovely photo of you and those finger wipes are fab!

  4. love the picture of you- it is one to treasure.The tile is wonderful and those flowers….and tea- like can be sweet.

  5. Linda B says:

    The heat was terrible wasn't it. I had handles falling off because the pots had dried out too much. I had to keep sticking them back on again.See you at Art in Action -are you camping?

  6. Lovely and sophisticated portrait of woman with cup. Clearly there was no giggling during that portrait session.

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks folks, glad you like the picture, I do too. Glued to the chair I think, or maybe just utterly run out of frantic panicing energy. Sophisticated! Thanks Hollis, love it! In my head I am trying always to be tall and elegant and sophisticated, in reality I am mainly far from any of the above!I love doing the finger wipey stuff, it feels fab fab fab but I'm not so good at it as others I have seen do it. Practise practise.Linda yes I am camping, have no idea what to be expecting at all. Hope it's going to be good fun. Are all your gang coming?

  8. ang walford says:

    hey you know there's this amazing product called plastic and mostly the dry cleaning plastic covers is the deal…cover your work, tuck it in and wammo it stays damp 😛 and if thats still not enough a damp towel over layers of placky is the miracle worker at keeping work damp for ages :)) not unfortunately having that prob at the mo….wet wet wet! and having a flood run through my studio floor has not helped one bit! and yes great pic H who took that one it's very well framed :))

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