Here are Dave and Sue the new owners of a slip trailed tile panel for behind their stove in their kitchen. I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of it fitted. They collected it on saturday morning during the Spring Fling, I didn’t leave it too long watching them try to fit it together before I told them that they are all numbered on the back. It was great to see these two up here again, I hope you had a fantastic Fling trip.
Spring Fling has been great – again. The people I have met this weekend have been brilliant, thank you to all of them for making the effort to come and find us in our lovely corner of Galloway, some really great comments and some fantastic sales, I hadn’t realised just how good until I did my adding up this afternoon. I met a wonderful couple who I ended up having a long conversation about Alan Gaff with, it was good to have a natter about him to others who knew him. They were very excited about my pots too.

Here are my two big candlesticks, the dark one is 76cm tall and my kiln, once you’ve taken out the bottom shelf, is 76.5cm high. Of course I planned that that way, it wasn’t just damn good luck. I’m thinking of taking one to Germany but haven’t just made up my mind yet.

We at Lochdougan had a visit from the 30 Japanese children staying at Kilquhanity school near here. They always come over at Spring Fling and have a good look around. I tend to do them a quick throwing and decorating demo and then I love to see what they will draw with the slip trailers. They are always very shy to start but then they all seem to get the hang of it very quickly.

Meet Jane Harrington, potter and blogger from Canada, she tells me she came to Galloway just to visit me, almost, it just happened to be a friend’s wedding too but she was thrilled to see it coincided with Spring Fling so Jane and her husband could pop in and visit me. That was very exciting indeed, they came yesterday afternoon so we had a good old natter and it was really good to meet the two of you. They took a little bunch of my pots away with them back to Canada. Thanks ever so much for coming over. Jane I can’t find your blog though, can you send me the address please, thank you.

I got a new t-shirt.

Blogger Andrew stayed here last night on his way back from Potfest, good to see you Andrew and I like my new pots very much, the mug has been well used already and Bea wants you to bring some beakers with you next time you come up as she really liked it.
So I’ve packed up my Germany pots and I think I have everything I need, fingers crossed, passport, driving licence, insurance, map, pots, starting to get rather nervous now. How can it be that I sold lots and lots of pots over the weekend, then have packed up boxes to take with me and yet still the shelves in the workshop are full! It appears I had far more pots that I was aware I had.
So I’ll be off around lunch time tomorrow over to Newcastle to meet Andrew and Michael then off for the ferry to Rotterdam. Eeek!
This is where I’ll be. Please do say hello if you happen to read this blog and live anywhere near HohrGrenzhausen, exciting and scary the prospect of this, it’s good to be going with other people though as it makes it a bit less daunting. Wish me luck…
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8 Responses to Fling-tastic

  1. Ron says:

    Great to hear you had a successful weekend Hannah! Safe travels as you head out for the next gig. I've been emailing back and forth w. Zoe and it looks like I'll be sending some more pots over your way soon. V. excited about that! Best,Ron

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    I'm pretty sure you will see Toff and Georgie in Germany, Hannah. A great friend of ours from Hohr Grenzhausen is celebrating his 80th birthday and they plan to attend. I hope that you get to meet Gerd Kessler, who's family just about invented salt glaze. A real charmer! Best wishes for your trip!

  3. ang says:

    yeh luck H have a great time, they'll love your candlesticks..and great to see andys mug some lovely peaches happening there..super dooper S fling congrats..

  4. Congratulations on the weekend, Hannah. And I love the candlesticks, too.

  5. Zoe says:

    Have a great trip Hannah! I thought I was quite a traveler but you put me to shame, buzzing about all over the place. See you when you get back. Z x

  6. Those candlesticks are even more impressive in person. I'm glad we got to meet you on our whirlwind tour of Dumfries and Galloway. Good Luck in Germany. Jane H

  7. Joe says:

    Gorgeous work!Best of luck to you. Joe

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